Cham Easy 

Cham Easy

(3 customer reviews)
The Amazing CHAM EASY.
Dry in the grooves and over rises
with no spots or streaks in a single pass.
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3 reviews for Cham Easy

  1. Kate

    I use this everyday on my sofa to clean pet hair, I love not wasting materials since it’s reusable, great product!! I also love using on windows and surfaces since I clean everyday. My fiancé has a bmw so when I clean his car I like to make her spotless and the chameasy does that and more!

  2. Robin

    PET HAIR: We have 4 cats and life without the Chammy wouldn’t work in our house. I have to clean our furniture at least once a week. I use it on the sofa, I de-hair the cat beds, scratchers, I de-hair our fabric chairs in the dining room and I remove the hair on the comforters. I also use the Chammy to pull the hair off our carpeted steps into ribbons that I can then vacuum up.

    GLASS TABLE: Since the stay at home orders, my husband has been using the same Chammy to clean off the glass table on our back patio to work on his computer, which is wet with rain or dew daily.


  3. Billie

    I bought my first Chammy on a shopping channel 10 years ago. I love it. I live in an area with very hard water, I don’t have water spots in my shower. I use it to get rid of steam on my bathroom mirrors. My windows are streak free. I am buy more now for Christmas presents.

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