What can this be used for?

Originally designed to speed up the process of drying your car after washing or to remove rain or dew providing a spotless shine, the Cham Easy has many household applications. 

  • This leaves mirrors and windows streak-free.
  • Clean soap scum and hard water spots from glass shower doors and fiberglass or tile shower walls.
  • Easily wipe down boat decks, clear fogged windshields, and take moisture from vinyl cushion covers.
  • Also, remove pet hair and lint from clothing and upholstery.

How can this improve my life?

The Cham Easy saves so much time because you don't have to stop and wring it out. It quickly and effortlessly glides along so many surfaces that need frequent cleaning such as mirrors, windows, shower stalls, cars, trucks and boats leaving them clean, dry and spot free. No more frustrating streaks!

Forget those expensive, wasteful paper towels! Save the time and energy needed to wash and dry those heavy, wet terry towels.

What makes the Cham Easy better than a chamois, squeegee or water blade?

First, it does not absorb like a towel or chamois, so never has to be wrung out saving time and virtually eliminating heavy, wet towels.
Unlike rigid squeegees that dry flat areas only, it is totally flexible to conform to contours.

With cloths the circular motion required to dry the surface is likely to leave swirling marks in the finish and may even create scratches. No circular motion is involved with the use of the Cham Easy.

Very little pressure is needed to dry effectively allowing minimal friction to strip your wax. This has been proven to outlast natural and synthetic chamois cloths. And for windows and mirrors the Cham Easy leaves no unsightly streaks, lines or seams because it pushes everything ahead of it rather than redistributing the grime.

What kind of results can I expect?

Bone-dry, spotless and streak-free shine with very little effort.

How easy is it to use?

The Cham Easy is very light and ergonomically shaped to fit comfortably in your hand. Only gentle pressure is required for amazing results. Effortlessly remove water from the car, glass cleaner from the windows and salt water from boat surfaces. That's why it's called The Cham Easy.

How long does it last?

Our customers have let us know that they are still using the same Cham Easy that they purchased 10 years ago!

The square edge can be sharpened if worn or nicked by rubbing against medium grit sand paper. The closed cell foam will not mold or mildew.  

Are there any environmental benefits?

Many. This minimizes paper towel usage and in turn, saves trees and reduces waste. By decreasing the number of terry towels needing to be washed and dried it saves water and energy for the dryer and retards pollution from detergents. The Cham Easy replaces the genuine animal skin chamois, preserving these beautiful animals.

How do you clean it?

Because it does not absorb grease, soap, oil or water, only the surface of the Cham Easy needs to be cleaned. Simply wash off with a mild detergent and rinse.

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